Voltage Valet - 100 Watt Grounded Converter


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This Step Down transformer is designed for continuous use with 110-120 volt North American appliances and electronic devices while traveling in countries with 220-240 volt electricity. Includes a grounded 120 volt North American socket and 6 ft. cord with grounded Schuko type Continental European plug.

NOTE: This transformer may require a different grounded adaptor plug when used in countries outside Continental Europe. The grounded adaptor plugs and ground collar* listed below allow the Schuko-type Continental European plug to fit additional grounded foreign outlets.

Grounded Universal Adaptor Plugs

Model Country
GUC Australia/New Zealand/China
GUD Great Britain/Hong Kong
GUE South Africa/India 15 Amp
GUF India/Middle East 5 Amp
GUI Italy
GUK Denmark
GUL Israel
GUR Russia
GUS Switzerland

* GGC Ground Collar must be used with adaptors above to complete ground connection on the V100.

Use with 110-120 volt North American appliances and electronic devices such as:
AC/DC Power Adaptors
Answering Machines
Battery Chargers
Cordless Telephones
Ink Jet Printers
Oral Hygiene Devices
Portable Fax Machines
Stereo Systems - Small
VCR/DVD Players
Video Games

NOTE: DO NOT use this converter with Hair Straighteners. Their actual wattage usage during heat up is three to four times the rated wattage and can damage this converter.

Style: V100

Dimensions: 2 1/2"H x 2 3/4"W x 4 3/4"D