Eagle Creek Pack-It Original Sac Set


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SKU EC041215010

Style EC-41215

Weight 0.3 lbs

Dimensions 10 x 14 x 1Warranty (Click for Details)

Because there's a different use for every size of packing sac, having all three at hand is a winning idea. Use the large for full-size toiletries or magazines, the medium for cords or as your 3-1-1 TSA sac, and the small for receipts or jewelry.

  • Pack-It™ Sac Small
  • Pack-It™ Sac Medium
  • Pack-It™ Sac Large
  • Convenient carry clip
  • Weather-resistant and anti-staining properties

Dimensions: 14" x 10" (sac large), 10" x 8" (sac medium), 8" x 6" (sac small) 
Weight: 2 oz (sac large), 1.5 oz (sac medium), 1 oz (sac small)

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